Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Dr M: Set up tribunal, include foreign judges to hear 1MDB case

Dr M: Set up tribunal, include foreign judges to hear 1MDB case

Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has suggested that a tribunal of independent judges, including foreign judges, be set up to hear the case involving the troubled state fund 1MDB.
"The attorney-general may defend the government or the officers, but he should not be the judge. Let the tribunal do the judgment," he said in a blog post today.
This comes after whistleblower site Sarawak Report published what it claimed was the auditor-general's report, which is classified under the Official Secrets Act (OSA).
The inspector-general of police had said that they would investigate the site under OSA once they verify the authenticity of the documents.
In his blog post, Mahathir also criticised the use of OSA in this manner, saying that hiding criminal acts behind the Act is "wrong, illegal and criminal".
The OSA is for protecting legitimate administrative matters, such as drafts for new agreements or contracts or cabinet papers, he said.
Commenting on the auditor-general's report, he said that everyone should have read it, if not actually possess a copy.
"And what a revelation. How a government agency can be set up and managed as if it is selling nasi lemak bungkus is beyond imagination.
"We are not dealing with the sale of nasi lemak. It is not about two or three ringgit. It is about billions of ringgits.
"Yet the investigations and the reports make it look like auditing the sale of nasi lemak bungkus," he said.
Mahathir also said the auditor-general's report clearly shows that 1MDB and its staff had committed wrongdoing, citing questionable transactions that went through circuitous routes without thorough vetting or record-keeping.
"It is time that the government comes clean and allows the courts to hear charges against the people who mismanaged 1MDB.
"Zeroing in on one CEO is not enough. Besides, he is not being investigated as promised by the IGP. The IGP must explain this inaction," he said
Yes, it is TIME for the 1MDB.issue to be resolved. How can Billions be LOST yet have no accountability. Jho Low is the person who probably masterminded and looted the Nation's money and distributed to Najib, Rosmah and gang!  A nobody who can wine and dine with Paris Hilton and paid for the most expensive champagne in town in buckets full the whole night long - that all Malaysian taxpayers' money!!! Time for JUSTICE to be served not only to those who did the CRIME but also those who BENEFFITTED!  JUSTICE is not BLIND!!!
Let the Court start bringing the criminals to JUSTICE!!!

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