Thursday, August 25, 2016

Najib 'invincible'? so many exposures yet untouchable!

Zaid: If Najib's innocent, why 'cover up here, sack there'?

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Former minister Zaid Ibrahim has questioned whether Najib Abdul Razak's actions match the insistence that the prime minister is innocent and had nothing to do with the 1MDB scandal.
"Someone who is innocent will not sack top government officers, dissolve the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), appoint a new PAC chief who talks about cari makan, block the auditor-general's report and change (1MDB's) auditors four times.
"Someone who is innocent will not limit police investigations to only certain aspect, sack the deputy prime minister, sack the attorney-general and others," he said in a blog posting today.
Zaid said despite this, "stone-hearted" people have been defending the prime minister and accepting everything that he says.
"In Malaysia, we have stone-hearted people who do not want an independent police investigation. They are more comfortable if there isn't one or if it is done halfway.
"What we have are people validating everything said by the prime minister as true. When the prime minister said it's a donation from Saudi Arabia, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission would reply: 'Yes, it's true'.
"This is not an investigation, it's a cover-up. Covering up here and there. Sacking here and there (tutup sana, tutup sini; pecat sana, pecat sini)," he said.
Zaid said that such "stone-hearted" people are found in Umno and PAS and they do not seem to understand what the prime minister has done.
He urged them to read the outcome of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) findings, which detail how more than US$3.5 billion went missing from 1MDB.
Zaid said efforts must be made to help these people accept the realities of what had happened.
He added that those who continued to defend the prime minister should also face justice when a people's government comes into power.
Najib has denied any wrongdoing or taking public funds for personal gain.
Attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali also cleared Najib of wrongdoing on grounds that the multi-billion deposits in his personal bank accounts were a donation from a member of the Arab royal family.

Well said Zaid, Najib is well protected by "His People" but is he also protected by "Spiritual Force". Are Demons protecting him, since the carpet dealer revelations that that he and his wife dabble in the dark arts, and black magic!!! Najib 'invincible'? so many exposures yet untouchable!

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