Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Umno leaders enrich themselves

Thanks, Razlan, for admitting Umno leaders enrich themselves

YOURSAY | ‘In his obsession to slander the ex-Umno No 2, Razlan confirms what others know to be true. '
Mushiro: Federal Territories Umno Youth chief Razlan Rafii is right to say that the comforts of ex-deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin today is due to his position in Umno, but Razlan should also extend this to every other Umno member.
Razlan and all Umno members have lived off their positions in Umno and at the expense of the rakyat.
Prime Minister Najib Razak's mega lifestyle is also due to the same reason and this has shamelessly extended to his wife, children, stepson and also his cronies.
And worse, Umno believes that such kleptocracy is their birth right.
Headhunter: "Seven generations may not be able to spend the riches they made when holding positions in Umno," Razlan said in a statement.
His statement tells us how corrupt Umno really is. While the rest of us have to struggle to make a living and pay taxes, they, on the other hand, allegedly plunder the nation like there is no tomorrow.
Docsarna: This clown just admitted that if you join Umno, your wealth is enough to cover your next seven generations... I rest my case.
NNFC: It is amusing that the Umno Youth leader is alluding to the fact that if one was in Umno, then he would enjoy unimaginable benefits.
It raises questions of whether Umno is fighting for the good of the people, or are they trying to take all for themselves.
HaveAGreatDay: Razlan, how many generations of wealth did you make and was it 'halal'?
You hypocrites are so concerned over the external shows of being spiritual, I really wonder whether in your moments of silence/prayers, you realise those riches have been made at the
expense of the rakyat by inflating project costs and pocketing commissions?
Oxymoronictendencies: An interesting comment indeed from Razlan. Is he saying that Umno enriches its members? Would he care to elaborate with some detail how that is done?
Perhaps he could opine on his own and his family's enrichment as an Umno leader? Whilst it is no secret that Umno allegedly nurtures and fosters cronyism and corruption, finally the leadership begins to admit it publicly?
Progress at last. Let's hope we can hear more insights from Razlan on this topic.
Perhaps the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) should be asked to investigate this. I'm sure they will speedily complete their investigation and attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali will rush to prosecute.
It does seem that Umno Youth is taking up the charge from their older colleagues. First, a police report against former Bank Negara governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz, former MACC chief Abu Kassim Mohamed and former AG Abdul Gani Patail, that the police don't seem to want to investigate, and now Razlan reveals that Umno enriches its leaders.
At least, these younger Umno troopers don't treat the rakyat like low IQ morons by espousing complete nonsense while seemingly defending the indefensible.
Falcon: In his obsession to slander the former Umno No 2, Razlan confirms what others know to be true.
Your comments about "rags to riches story" only belittles and demeans Umno and reiterates the allegations of runaway corruption of enormous scale.
Well done, Razlan. You must be pretty stupid, but thanks all the same for the expose as even the MACC could not have done better.
Spinnot: Razlan specifically said "positions in Umno" and not "positions in government". Since their salary could not have made them so rich in such a short time, their wealth must have been obtained from somewhere else.
Anonymous Hotplate: So Razlan fully agrees with and uses it as proof, that all Umno leaders and members enjoy money from some source, and all of them are leading lavish and luxurious lives.
Most of the non-Umno people know that all the rich and well-to-do people are Umno leaders and members, and yet they are jealous and angry when they see a non-Umno person buying a modest bungalow with their own money.
6th Generation Immigrant: Interesting argument in using the seven generations analogy.
We know first premier Tunku Abdul Rahman died a pauper. We know his successor, Abdul Razak Hussein, did not have time (to amass a fortune). We knew the third prime minister Hussein Onn cracked down on illegal riches, even in his own party.
So it must have started in 1981. Therefore, in 35 years, this money-making party has made seven generations of riches up till today.
That is an achievement and records of sorts, even the Chinese who are renowned for only the three generations of riches theory will be thoroughly impressed.
On another note, do the ‘seven generations’ include rural and kampong folks, too? If so, we need to inform them quickly, they appear not aware of the riches they have in their hands today.

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