Sunday, September 11, 2016

Umno’s minister insult to MCA and every Chinese Malaysian

Umno’s minister has nailed BN’s coffin

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On a nice sunny, Sunday morning the relaxing long weekend break gets shattered with unimagined revelation, threat and arrogance of the highest degree from Najib Abdul Razak’s loyal minister.
Will Najib sack him immediately to seal his promises to the rakyat of a ‘1Malaysia’ realisation? Or will he maintain his trademark silence while quietly toasting to Nazri Aziz’s most divisive, revealing and insulting challenge?
Making direct reference to MCA central committee member Ti Lian Ker’s urging for Umno to abandon ‘jaguh kampung’ politics, this none other than Umno’s henchman, the supreme council member Nazri, threatened MCA to quit the Bugis ship.
In his outburst, the controversial minister has revealed that indeed Umno thrives on ‘village’ votes. It is this Umno’s ‘jaguh kampung’ politics that has been determining the fate and failures of this nation. And is this not what the civil society leaders were saying all this while, ie that there is no democracy in Umno’s politics?
MCA may not even have won its seven parliamentary seats if not for the ‘jaguh kampung’, said Nazri, and suggested that the Chinese-based party quit BN to prove it could win without Umno.
His challenge to MCA to quit BN to “prove it could win without Umno” is not only an insult to every Chinese Malaysian who stood by the party in good times and bad these past five over decades, but also tests MCA to the hilt.
If indeed MCA is influential and a party relevant for the times, it will pick up the gauntlet and show the finger to Umno now. It will best leave, join Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s fleet and wage war on arrogant Umno.
Nazri is no different from his lord and master, Najib. He affirms what Najib has been milking with his purse full of donation. Umno’s focus and best bet is being confirmed as one that is merely ‘jaguh Melayu’.
This whole yarn of ‘1Malaysia’ sold to BN all this while is a plain con. How can you be ‘jaguh rakyat’ when you just confirmed that the current leadership is one that subscribes to ‘jaguh Melayu’ which alone guaranteed return to power?
By shouting down at Ti to “not talk big”, Umno has insulted all the Chinese Malaysians.
The challenge thrown to MCA to test itself outside the BN fold, clearly affirms that Umno knows nothing about gratitude. It is also now left to be proven by the MCA leaders if they do have any ‘maruah’ left in their veins.
Nazri said, “I advise him, if he thinks MCA is so strong, quit BN and contest alone for us to see. Don’t talk big.”
Will Ti who is from a ‘small party’ (as challenged) show Umno how David did slay Goliath or will he turn sheepish and wag a tiny tail with apologies for having offended his ‘dedak’ master?
And that final nail that Nazri drove into the coffin is this: “We Umno are terer (terror, awesome) and strong. Even if we are bongkak (arrogant), we can still win.”
Over to you, MCA and MIC.

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