Monday, October 10, 2016

Factories found making ice from waste water

Horror as factories found making ice from waste water

 | October 10, 2016
Malay daily highlights disgusting lack of hygiene at several factories producing ice cubes that end up in cold drinks at restaurants.
Dirty-icePETALING JAYA: Some say nothing beats gulping down an icy drink on a scorchingly hot day.
But beware the next time you do so as a local Malay daily has revealed the absolutely disgusting conditions in which those unassuming ice cubes are made, rendering our thirst-quenching chilled drinks, the most unhygienic ever.
In an investigative piece today, Sinar Harian reported on the existence of several “rogue” ice factories in the Klang Valley that use waste water to produce ice cubes and ice slabs.
Besides using obviously filthy water unfit for human consumption, the ice is manufactured in extremely unhygienic surroundings as well.
According to the report, one factory that allegedly “recycled” waste water into ice, even channelled this water to the ice-producing machine via pipes that had moss growing on the inside.
It was learned that waste water was preferred as it was already in a cold state and hence froze faster.
This short cut also invariably translated into more products in a shorter time span, and higher profits for the manufacturers.
And the horror does not stop there. If the sight of stray animals scavenging around in the ice processing area at some factories was not enough to make you gag, how about ice cubes stored on rusty trays?
The report said the toilets at these premises were also in a filthy state, and pools of stagnant water in other parts of the factory due to clogged drainage systems only made the manufacture of ice cubes and ice slabs all the more unhygienic.
Although the daily did not name the factories involved, the pictures attached with the story were more than enough to induce revulsion among readers.
The “dirty” ice, if consumed, can lead to diseases like typhoid, e-coli, cholera and Hepatitis A, the report pointed out.
For the benefit of consumers, it is important to note that ice produced from clean water has a clear profile, while ice using waste water is cloudy, the report said.

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