Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Logging blockade - Kelantan govt to blame?

Logging blockade: Jakoa in talks with Orang Asli groups

The Orang Asli Development Department has its first meeting with police, Kelantan Forestry Department and other related agencies today.
GUA MUSANG: The Orang Asli Development Department (Jakoa) is trying to end the blockade by more than 200 Orang Asli who are protesting logging activities in the Balah permanent forest reserve here.
Director-General Mohd Jamalludin Kasbi said Jakoa had the first meeting with related government agencies this evening.
“I believe the issue can be resolved via talks and without any untoward incidents,” he said after the first meeting at Wisma Persekutuan here today.
The agencies include the police, Kelantan Forestry Department, Gua Musang Land Office and the Kelantan Health Department.
Earlier, Jakoa met with the Orang Asli groups.
Since Sept 26, more than 200 Orang Asli had gathered at Kampung Petei, Pos Bering, to stop lorries from entering the area, causing a dispute with the loggers.
The Orang Asli want logging activities to end. They claim that they destroy the water catchment area and affect their source of water supply.
Following the blockade, the Kelantan Government today suspended all logging activities in the area.
Mohd Jamalludin said all the parties involved understood the situation and would resolve the issue via talks with the Orang Asli community.
He also welcomed the Kelantan Government’s decision to suspend all logging activities in the area.
“It will defuse the situation so that talks with the Orang Asli groups can be done in harmony and without any interruption.”
Logging blockade - Kelantan govt to blame? Yes, I believe so - these religious people do not know how to manage the state resources at all. And alienting the land rights of these OA people like as though they are not human beings - What a SHAME! such travesty!!! Best for them to stay focused on religious maters and leave running of state to more capable, competent leaders, so the NEXT State election - they (PAS) should not WiN!!!! period!!! 

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