Sunday, October 23, 2016

MO1 is embarrassment to the nation, not the opposition

MO1 is embarrassment to the nation, not the opposition

GE14Now!: This is quite a rich statement coming from you, Mr PM. A group of opposition MPs holding up placards asking who MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) is constitutes a disgrace, but the person who is actually MO1 and who has been identified by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) as having allegedly siphoned off RM2.6 billion brings shame and disgrace to the entire nation.
We have become identified by the world as a nation that tolerates and breeds corruption, thievery and thuggery in high places.
This, Mr PM, is the national disgrace, and you, Mr PM, are the personification of that disgrace.
Trueglitter: The chorus of loud cheers and applause from the right-thinking rakyat could clearly be heard from afar at the opportune and appropriate display of placards with the words ‘Who is MO1?’ and the subsequent walkout by most opposition MPs during the 2017 Budget speech.
It was apt to demonstrate their utter disgust and frustrations at PM Najib Razak's insistence on his innocence and non-involvement, particularly in the 1MDB scandals and MO1 identity issue.
It is evident the collective show of total disregard and vehement attacks on his credibility as prime minister will hopefully gather strength and momentum that will inevitably encourage local and foreign influence to effectively implicate Najib for the many misdeeds and abuse of power.
We should not allow ourselves to wallow in indignities or despair at the hands of one man's misdeeds, and in order for us to walk tall again and the nation cleansed, Umno-BN under the helm of Najib should be booted out at the impending general election.
Anonymous_1372558750: "Najib criticised the opposition for the walkout, adding that such behaviour does not happen in developed countries even when there are differences of opinion."
In developed countries, he and most of his cabinet members could mostly likely be in jail rather than sitting in the Parliament.
Vent: PM, we don’t think the opposition MPs “embarrassed themselves” at all. Only the fawning sycophants around you will say so.
On the other hand, it is you who has embarrassed us internationally - your kleptocratic behaviour that “does not happen in developed countries”, which certainly wouldn’t have been condoned.
And it has nothing to do with mere “differences of opinion”. The opposition MPs are acting in our best interests by standing up for us and showing you up for what you are. It is only because you have the majority in Parliament that you are getting away with your shameless sanctimony.
You are of no “good character” and you are certainly no leader. And you are not respected at all by the people for you have brought utter disrepute to Parliament and to our democratic process.
We have nothing but contempt for you. And please let’s not get started on that woman you call your wife.
Jack Goh: I am not sure if everyone felt embarrassed by the walkout by the opposition MPs, but I am very sure I was terribly embarrassed when I was asked about the DOJ lawsuit by the airline helper at JFK airport in New York in my recent trip there.

Yes, Najib should get to the BOTTOM of MO1 Right away! Bring shame and dishonor to our NATION - such a Disgrace. Let all Malaysians be enlightened and know the full truth of MO1 and 1MDB. 

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