Monday, November 21, 2016

Obama is a Muslim, and he helped create ISIS

It’s time to tell the truth: Obama is a Muslim, and he helped create ISIS

Image: It’s time to tell the truth: Obama is a Muslim, and he helped create ISIS
There were early warning signs. President Barack Obama constantly gave Islam a free pass on the same issues that he demonized Christianity for, and would go far out of his way to appease the government officials in Muslim countries.
He looked like a teenage boy awkwardly trying to impress the girl he had a crush on.
At first, it just seemed like he was trying to avoid being offensive or “Islamophobic” in a post-September 11th world.
While trying to walk on eggshells to prevent feelings from being hurt isn’t exactly the sign of a strong commander-in-chief, it wasn’t a major red flag initially to question ulterior motives.
However, Barack Obama’s complete
insistence on demonizing everything except radical Islam for terror attacks committed in the name of radical Islam is just impossible to understand. There’s only one explanation that makes sense: President Obama is a Muslim who is trying to spread his pro-Islam message to everyone in the United States.
This is even more apparent when you take into account the fact that Obama helped create ISIS. He, as well as other government officials, were warned that the Islamic State’s rise was on the horizon, and yet they did nothing to prevent it from occurring. It’s almost as if he wanted the Muslim extremists to rise in power. As the commander-in-chief, there is very little preventing Obama from eradicating the threat of radical Islam, but he has frequently chosen not to do so.
There’s no logical reason why he wouldn’t take action aside from the fact that he is a Muslim himself who enjoys seeing the religion infiltrate the Western world in violent fashion. Pay attention and you will quickly discover the truth. He dances around the topic of religion and uses the now-infamous “religion of peace” line to describe Islam every time someone of that faith commits a horrific act in the name of their belief.
It’s time that we come to terms with this. Barack Obama has more allegiance to the Islam religion than he does to the American people.
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