Sunday, November 6, 2016

TMJ pokes fun at Red Shirt martial arts stunt

TMJ pokes fun at red shirt martial arts stunt

Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim posted a video today to spread his message of non-violence and also his criticism of the red shirts movement.
The video, posted on the Johor Southern Tigers Facebook page, had depicted seven masked men parodying the martial arts demonstration performed during a protest by the red shirts movement in Petaling Jaya yesterday.
One character in the video clip was holding a hoe, a possible reference to an incident last month involving the assault of Johor Water Commission staff. 
The clip ended with Tunku Ismail rapidly firing seven rounds from his pistol at an unknown target.
He then looks at the camera and shrugs before the video ended.
The accompanying message read: "Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Violence and hatred is not going to make this nation a better place. Stay positive. Lots of love."
He also clarifies that he is not siding with the red shirts or the "yellow shirts", believed to be a reference to electoral watchdog Bersih.
During the protest yesterday, several members of the red shirts movement held a demonstration of their martial arts prowess by allowing themselves to be struck repeatedly by pieces of wood.
One participant smashed a cinder block with his head.
The red shirt movement's raison d'etre is their opposition towards Bersih.
Sungai Besar Umno division head Jamal Md Yunos, the leader of the red shirts, have vowed to rally 300,000 in a counter-protest against Bersih 5, scheduled for Nov 19.
In immediate response, red shirt supporter Armand Azha Abu Hanifah said the video should be taken as a joke.
"I see this as light-hearted teasing between the crown prince and his subjects so we need not get too emotional about it," the Umno Youth executive council member said in a statement.
Armand, who was among those who addressed the crowd at Saturday's rally, also reiterated his respect for Malay rulers.
Red shirts leader Jamal Md Yunos thanked the crown prince for the parody video, which he saw as "teasing".
"Who else can he tease but his subjects?" Jamal quipped.
"Everything that is bad comes from Bersih, all that is good from Allah," he said in a statement.
TMJ made his point. Martial arts are for self defence not using it to threaten others or SHOW OFF. Sad these people showing their brawn not brains including Jamal as divisional chief - he should be a good example but instead ??? Let's hope Jamaland red shirts get TMJ message LOUD n CLEAR!!!

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