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Azmin is telling the world that his figure of RM2.975 billion is the same price that Khalid had agreed to pay to take over SPLASH. Khalid, however, wanted to pay SPLASH only RM250 million and not almost RM3 billion. But the DAP Speaker of the Selangor State Assembly refuses to allow Khalid to explain this to the State Assembly, thereby collaborating with PKR to steal more than RM2.7 billion of the taxpayers’ money.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
Azmin and Khalid: which of the two is lying?
Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali alleged that when Khalid Ibrahim was the Menteri Besar (between 2008 and 2014) he made SPLASH an offer of RM2.975 billion to take over the equity of the company. Khalid then wanted to explain what really happened but the DAP Speaker of the Selangor State Assembly would not allow him to do that.
“If you are governing a state you cannot resort to shouting. It’s all about strategy and implementation. That’s why I requested that Speaker Hannah Yeoh give me a chance to explain myself in the state assembly,” said Khalid.
Anyway, the Selangor State Assembly was not allowed to hear Khalid’s side of the story so PAS, which is also part of the Selangor State Government although it is not a member of Pakatan Harapan, asked Khalid to explain.
This is because the PAS EXCO member in charge of water is not involved in the negotiations with Gamuda, Wan Azmi Wan Hamzah and the Federal Government — so PAS is very confused as to what is going on. In fact, the DAP EXCO members are also not involved in the negotiations so they, too, are equally blur.
In response to that, Khalid wrote a letter to the PAS President, Abdul Hadi Awang, which you can read here:
Khalid visiting Hadi in hospital
Basically, although Azmin said that the price of RM2.975 billion that he offered to take over SPLASH is the same figure that Khalid offered them, Khalid’s offer of RM2.975 billion in 2009 was before deducting liabilities of RM1.396 billion, hence reducing it to a nett offer of RM1.579 billion before deducting any dividends paid out.
In short, Azmin’s offer of RM2.975 billion is nett while Khalid’s offer in 2009 was gross and once netted off would be about half that figure.
That was in 2009, though. In 2013, the figure changed to RM2.56 billion and after deducting liabilities of RM1.584 billion and dividends of RM725.4 million, the nett figure came to RM250.6 million, less than 10% of what Azmin is offering today.
Hence Azmin’s offer is RM2.975 billion while Khalid’s offer was merely RM250.6 million. Hence, also, what Azmin told the Selangor State Assembly is a lie — but the DAP Speaker of the State Assembly refuses to allow Khalid to explain this to the Assembly. And yet the opposition has the gall to whack the Parliament Speaker for not allowing them to discuss the DoJ issue in Parliament.
Why is PKR wasting taxpayers' money!!! Just to get 500M, WE FORK OUT 2 Billion extra.
This nonsense must end! 

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