Friday, December 9, 2016

S Korean parliament President impeached - when will it happen in M'sia?

S Korean parliament votes to impeach president over graft scandal

 South Korea's parliament voted today to impeach President Park Geun-hye over a corruption scandal, suspending her powers.
According to Reuters, the Constitutional Court will decide whether to uphold the motion and remove Park from office or reject it and reinstate her.
The prime minister will be acting president until the court delivers a ruling.
Chinese news organisation Xinhua News reported that 234 lawmakers voted in favor, 56 against, and two abstained.
Earlier, the Wall Street Journal stated that if six members of the Constitutional Court do not approve the impeachment, Park would be reinstated. Her five-year term is set to expire in February 2018.
The publication quoted political analysts who expected at least 29 members of Park’s ruling party to join the legislature’s 171 opposition and independent lawmakers in voting for impeachment.
 When will it happen in M'sia? Najib cannot go on when there are proofs of embezzlement. So many are charged with money laundering. S'porean admitted guilt! What are the authorities here waiting for? The AG, MACC, Police, huh???   


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