Monday, December 12, 2016

Temiars' tears prompt green activists into action. PAS is RESPONSIBLE

Temiars' tears prompt green activists into action

When Himpunan Hijau chairperson Wong Tack saw the pain and sadness among the Temiar Orang Asli on the day 47 arrested activists from the Gua Musang blockade were brought to court to be remanded, he vowed to support them any way he could.
"When they (arrested Orang Asli) came out from the lock up, and I saw all the women crying with their babies in hand, it just touched me so much.
"When I witnessed all the pain and sadness among them and I see their strong fighting spirit...I was very upset, so right there, I promised them I would support them," he said to Malaysiakini today.
Again the PAS-led govt. is just washing their hands on this and letting the Forestry Dept. and Police deal with the Orang Asli problem, when it is they themselves who caused all this problem - they gave out the licences to rape and denude the hill which by now is almost BALD. The recent floods, 2 years ago can be directly attributed to the hillside logging! The mullahs, imams just do not how to govern or even administer the state of Kelantan! They should just look after the religious activities and maybe watch over the suraus, etc. Let's hope they do not win the next Kelantan state elections!!!

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