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Zakir should be deported to India

DAP: Malaysia is no cause to protect Zakir Naik

 | April 17, 2017
Experts Parliament for Ipoh Barat M Kulasegaran said Zakir Naik had to return to India and clear his name.
PETALING JAYA: M Kulasegaran said this supplementary report ternanti-side power India to investigate Zakir later indicted in connection lectures terrorist propaganda.
In contrast, Kulasegaran called on Putrajaya in order to cooperate with New Delhi authorities.
"Malaysia should not protect him. If the same situation applies to other people.
Beginning today, Kulasegaran on Facebook said: "While Zakir was in Malaysia, he will be dragged Malaysia with him. In the mind of the Indian Malaysian fugitive protection seems to be better than the local people. "
He said Malaysia is no cause to be a refuge Zakir, moreover he must also state in the arena embarrassing Intl.
Kulasegaran, who is also an attorney said, Zakir had to go home and clear his name.
"Suddenly Zakir with his words raised an important person in Malaysia, even Perkasa pay tribute to him," he said, referring to the Perkasa State Natives tribute to him for the Islamic struggle.
"Why is he reluctant to return? Now he says Muslims in India are not given a fair treatment. 
Kulasegaran referring to reports Hindustan Times 15 April :
The enforcement directorate (ED) on Saturday filed a charge sheet against Aamir Gazdar, a close confidante of Dr Zakir Naik, and Harmony Media Limited — a company floated by Naik — for allegedly laundering money on behalf of the controversial televangelist. The ED’s 1,000-page charge sheet lists Naik as an accused in the case. The charge sheet includes the statements of witnesses and several documents, which establish the trail of laundered money. 
The National Investigation Agency (NIA) carried out searches at the premises of controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik, his NGO and a few associates for the third consecutive day on Monday, even as it blocked the website of outlawed Islamic Research Foundation founded by him.
The anti-terror investigation agency is also set to summon Naik, who is abroad ever since his name cropped up linking terror activities following the Dhaka terror attack on July 1.
Search operations were carried out by the NIA at the IRF offices and premises as well as that of Harmony Media Pvt Ltd, from where the programmes were being aired on Naik’s Peace TV.
The NIA also blocked IRF website which was allegedly promoting “hate speeches” of Naik.
“As part of investigation, all actions that need to be taken against a proscribed organisation, including banning of its online activities, are being undertaken,” an NIA spokesperson told PTI.
Last week, the central government banned the IRF and declared it as a terrorist organisation under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act for five years.
If the Islamic preacher fails to respond to the NIA summon, a red corner notice will be issued against Naik through Interpol by it.
Malaysia has no business harboring a fugitive like him. We should not meddle or interfere in other nation's affairs! Zakir should be deported immediately. What if a Malaysian fugitive fled to India and India is protecting and sheltering him!!! How would we feel????

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