Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Cause of Malaysians being shy of their origins

KOTA BHARU: Prime Minister Najib Razak said civil servants in the country were more patriotic than certain groups because they were loyal and stood firm behind the government in its efforts to safeguard religious, national and state interests.
He said no other party could safeguard these interests as had been done by the current administration.
“Don’t be not proud of being Malaysians. If you are not proud, go far away; no need to stay here.
“He is already rich, family is rich, elder brother has luxury cars and listed as among the richest persons in Malaysia,” he said without naming anyone.
“What else? Want to get more angry with Malaysia? Malaysia is where our livelihood lies, our birthplace and God willing where we will be buried when the time comes.
“This is the Malaysia we built through the spirit of patriotism,” he said when speaking at a meeting with Kelantan federal and civil servants at the Wisma Persekutuan’s compound here today.
Over 10,000 civil servants attended the event, which was also attended by International Trade and Industry Minister Mustapa Mohamed, Deputy Rural and Regional Development Minister Ahmad Jazlan Yaakub and Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki.
The prime minister hoped that civil servants would not make mistakes and could think reasonably and not pawn the principles of struggle and moral values solely to fulfil personal needs.
“Just because we don’t get what we want, we want to bite the hand that feeds us.
“Because of what? Because he cannot get what he wanted. This is not about personal matters. It’s about our future, the future of all of us, our children and grandchildren.
“Right now, PAS people have already understood, they were taken for a ride by certain parties. He wants to hug a person we have condemned and he condemned us. Where did he place his principles and consideration for race, religion and country?”
Najib also reminded civil servants not to be easily swayed by the sweet promises made by certain quarters that tried to gain their support, especially in the coming 14th general election (GE14).
“(I am sure that) civil servants are aware that in our system, we cannot spend more than our revenue… but they (the opposition) have been talking about reducing the size of the civil service.
“Some even insult civil servants, saying that they are low class and are also subjected to all kinds of name-calling… and I can tell you this, my government is not going to reduce the size of the civil service.
“In fact, the opposition even mentioned that they will abolish the GST (goods and services tax). Where to get the RM44 billion then that we got from GST? The opposition are only good at telling lies,” said Najib.
The prime minister added that he was also determined to put Malaysia among the top 20 countries in the world if the Barisan Nasional-led government continued to receive the people’s mandate and strong support from civil servants.
“There is no reason why we cannot achieve that and fulfil our dreams. However, we have to cross one bridge first (the general election).
“When we have crossed that bridge and are on the other side, we can build a government that is not only stable, but firm and strong.
“You as civil servants are opinion leaders. You can influence others too,” he said.
At the event, Najib also reminded the audience about some of Malaysia’s success stories like fostering good relations with other countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United States, which saw Malaysia continue to be highly regarded by the world community.
The Cause of Malaysians being shy of their origins - 1MDB scandal, human rights abuses, overbearing abuses by Islamic religious bodies, etc..... People around the world have plenty of of information about Malaysia through the MSM. So they ask awkward questions of Malaysia. Malaysians try to avoid embarrassment by denying their home country. Natural, but not ethical.
Time to come to solve the 1MDB issue once for all! Form a RCI to investigate this.
We would like to ask also WHERE IS THE MONEY - no crap about digital digits in imaginary accounts, that is not tangible.
Where did Jho Low get the money to purchase a RM1 billion super yacht. His father is only a millionaire so how did he get so money??? And he is splashing money as if he is printing it! A sugar mummy gave him this huge amount? He only came into this extravaganza when he manage 1MDB as a broker - His commissions? for money laundering 1MDB funds. Did he get 10% cut out of RM42 billion he brokered?
The Singapore banker was jailed for doing J. Low transactions - his commissions came to RM10+ millions.
What is the MACC doing - they should seek his 'assistance', anyway the AG and police have the right to extradite him back to  Malaysia to  question him of his acquiring so MUCH money as his a Malaysian.
By the way these vast, huge kleptocracy, plundering, abuses by Islamic religious bodies did not happen during Mahathir time.  

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