Monday, February 26, 2018

Kuok mulls suit against Raja Petra for slander

Kuok mulls suit against Raja Petra for slander

Kuok mulls suit against Raja Petra for slander
Billionaire Robert Kuok is looking legal action against Malaysia Today blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin for publishing articles falsely asserting that he was trying to overthrow the present government in the next general election. – Facebook picture, February 26, 2018.
MALAYSIAN tycoon Robert Kuok is looking into legal action against the Malaysia Today blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin for accusing him of trying to overthrow the Najib government in the next general election.
The billionaire's office said in a statement today that the fugitive blogger had made false allegations against Kuok in three articles published in the blog between February 21 and 23.
"Mr Robert Kuok takes these baseless allegations very seriously, and reserves the right to take all necessary steps against Malaysia Today and the author to address the false allegations contained in the scurrilous articles," his office said.  
Kuok made his fortune from importing sugar into Malaysia, parlaying that business into a Hong Kong-based empire that spans commodities and hotels.
"Mr Kuok refutes and emphatically denies the false allegations contained in the articles “Malaysian Insight Funder Fingered” on February 21; “Robert Kuok Wants Chinese Rule in Malaysia” on February 21; and “Robert Kuok’s Last Chance at Changing the Government” on February 23.
His office said the false assertions made in these articles include that Kuok was funding The Malaysian Insight and various political parties with the aim of overthrowing the present government of Malaysia.
"These allegations are untrue, and Mr Robert Kuok expressly denies them in their entirety," the statement said. 
Kuok’s office also addressed the attacks on his loyalty to Malaysia following recent statements by Umno leaders against him.
"Articles have emerged that have cast aspersions on Mr Robert Kuok’s commitment to Malaysia and the integrity of the country’s democratic processes.
"Mr Robert Kuok wishes to state that any assertion that he has forgotten his roots are entirely false."
Earlier today, Umno minister Nazri Aziz had called Kuok a "pondan" and dared the 94-year-old based in Hong Kong to return to Malaysia to contest in the 14th general election.
Nazri’s attack followed remarks by another Umno leader, Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, who told Kuok “not to forget his roots”.
Yesterday, Prime Minister Najib Razak had also said Kuok could not have made his fortune without the Malaysian government’s help.
But it was Nazri’s words that prompted ruling Chinese party, MCA, to respond and defend Kuok.
MCA religious harmony bureau chairman Ti Lian Ker said Nazri’s attack was not in keeping with Malaysian culture and that Kuok was a businessman whose success had also benefited Malaysians in general.
Kuok’s office said the businessman deeply appreciated the opportunities he had in Malaysia and denied that he was embarking on a campaign to manipulate the country’s political process and democratic system.
His office also denied that Kuok was anti-government, racist and a “Chinese chauvinist”.
"Kuok holds in the highest esteem the leaders of Malaysia who have throughout their lives done everything they can to contribute to the well-being of Malaysians,” the statement said. – February 26, 2018.
R. Kuok should sue Raja Petra for slander. Raja Petra or RPK is now the running dog for Najib. It looks like he is willing to do anything to get Najib and Umno/BN to win the next GE. One wonders how much he is getting (running a small eatery does not bring much needed funds especially living in a expensive place like Manchester. RPK should now return to Malaysia and help out Najib, probably more effective. Doing what Umno has done best - pitting one race against another causing disunity and disharmony among all.  

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