Saturday, February 24, 2018

Najib: Robert Kuok and Jho Low and RPK

Najib: Gov't gave Robert Kuok key to become sugar king

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Malaysian tycoon Robert Kuok would not have become as successful as he is if it were not for the government, says Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.
He said whether someone is a rich man or a regular citizen, all needed a key in order to achieve a better future.
"If we look at the list of names of the richest people in Malaysia, such as Robert Kuok, who gave him the key to have a monopoly on rice and sugar? It was given to him by the ruling government," Najib told a crowd in Serdang today.
"Yes, he has an entrepreneurial drive, is hardworking, industrious and disciplined – but that is not enough. Everyone still needs the key and they are hopeful that government policies are key to creating these opportunities," he added.
Kuok's monopoly over the sugar industry in Malaysia had earned him the nickname the "sugar king".
Najib said this while launching the government's two-day Skim Latihan 1Malaysia (SL1M) Open Interview programme.
Kuok, who now lives in Hong Kong, re-entered the spotlight yesterday after blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin accused him of channelling funds to DAP through his nephews James.
James has denied the allegations.

Why talk about R. Kuok and his success, after all it was Mahathir who helped him out. Digging out all this is childish. Why not talk about how much he had helped out Malaysia when it was needed. Not statemanlike to be petty and take it out on an aging man. What about Jho Low who became a billionaire just after handling 1MDB for Najib. How come he became so wealthy so fast owing a super yacht costing RM1 billion. R. Kuok had to work years to become a billionaire, and J. Low just took a few months - was it a 10% cut out of RM42 billion he disposed for Najib??? RM 4.2 billion is a fantastic amount. Why didn't MACC called J. Low in for questioning, as a M'sian citizen MACC has every right to query as to how he got so rich. Is his flamboyant lifestyle done with M'sian taxpayers' money? Champagne flow like water at a function featuring Paris Hilton. Gifts worth millions to a model, and works of art to a famous actor. How many more did he generously give to - all paid with M'sian govt coffers. Why did RPK not write about J. Low or is he now a Najib's spokesman and supporter. Did his coffeeshop biz in Manchester failed so badly that he needed funds from a kleptocrat  and sully his name. RPK once an icon has now became a 'piece of s...' to us Malaysians.        

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