Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Malaysia should be shy of Jho Low's yacht hijacked by Indonesia instead of by MACC


Tuan Ibrahim: Malaysia should be shy of Jho Low's yacht hijacked by Indonesia

PETALING JAYA: PAS said the Malaysian government should be embarrassed by the action of hijacking Indonesian luxury yachts owned by Low Taek Jho or Jho Low traders, among which the US Department of Justice (DoJ) listed as 1MDB's purchased assets.
"The government should be embarrassed by the actions of various countries acting on the deceased fund," said Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man.
According to him, the action of the Indonesian government to seize the yacht named "Equanamity" worth RM1 billion should be praised for being in line with international rules.
"Without legal action, the dignity of the nation and its leaders will continue to be polluted."
Indonesia yesterday confiscated the yacht in Bali, in a multi-billion dollar bribe-related investigation linked to 1MDB funds, police said.
Media Indonesia broadcasts a picture of Indonesian officials with a crew on the luxury yacht that docked in Benoa Bay.
Meanwhile, Tuan Ibrahim said that the Swiss government's actions took over the money linked to the 1MDB hijacking as "over the wind".
Switzerland's Finance Minister, Ueli Maurer, reportedly said the funds were channeled to the Federal Treasury of the country as no party demanded it.
Tuan Ibrahim said Malaysia was losing the opportunity to save money.
The previous DoJ in civil petition in US courts wants to confiscate more than US $ 1.7 billion in assets, allegedly bought with stolen funds from 1MDB.
DoJ has delayed the application after launching a criminal investigation into 1MDB.
Jho Low was named an important person in the US action, and was charged with using a misappropriation of money from 1MDB to purchase 91m seafronts registered in the Cayman Islands.
According to luxury rental website,, the interior of the ship is decorated with marble and gold leaf, and features a spa and sauna, 20m swimming pool on deck, movie theater, lift and helipad.

It is a shameful thing that a close aide of Najib had his super yacht confiscated. J. Low who had only came to such great wealth after he managed 1MDB business should be under MACC scrutiny. Now what is the MACC chief going to do about this. He was complaining about the TMI CPI index, which was correct as he only went after small fries and mostly of the Opposition and not the big wigs of Umno (A. Musa was let off for lack of evidence). The US DoJ did his job for him. Now he should seek an arrest warrant for Jho Low - to come back to M'sia and face questioning.
Do your BLOODY JOB - Dzulkifli Ahmad or RESIGN!!!

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