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FAKE NEWS by BN Eric See-To - regarding Ijok land deal

'BN turning Selangor's success into scandal with false questions'

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Pakatan Harapan leaders today asserted that BN strategic communications deputy director Eric See-To was asking "false questions" with reference the Ijok land settlement in a bid to turn the Selangor's government's success into a supposed scandal.
In a joint statement, PKR's Subang MP R Sivarasa (above), Amanah's Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad and Amanah strategies director Dzulkifli Ahmad said among the false questions was See-To asking why the Selangor government had not sold the land through an open tender.
This was despite the Selangor government not owning the land as it was already given to private hands during BN's rule.
They said BN had secured an agreement from some 1,000 Ijok settlers to give up their land in exchange for compensation and homes which were never materialise until the PKR-led Selangor government stepped in and resolved the matter.
The full statement can be read below:
“Eric See-To continues in BN propagandist style to try to turn a Selangor state success story into a so-called "scandal".
The success story is clear - the Selangor government in 2016 remedied a massive injustice inflicted by the previous BN government on 1,000 Ijok settlers when promises of compensation and homes were not kept.
The success story is capped by the fact that the current Selangor government also recovered 1,000 acres of public land given away by the old BN government to their cronies in 1998.
See-To continues to raise false questions which show he refuses to acknowledge the actual facts of what took place.
This is shown clearly in his recent statement dated March 23, 2018 when he falsely asks (his paragraph 12 (a) "Why didn't the Selangor government sell this land in an open tender and receive market prices etc. etc".
The question shows how his entire position is based on a false assumption which is repeated in BN's propaganda. The fact of the matter is that the land that was sold for RM1.18 billion was NOT Selangor government land but was PRIVATE land.
His question is a false question.
See-To also falsely asserts ( his paragraph 9 ) in a contradictory manner that it was "the settlers land that was sold for RM 1.18 billion".
He seems to have forgotten that it was the previous BN government that had taken back the land from the settler in 1998 in return for empty promises of cash and houses and given it to their cronies. It has remained private land since then.
The land that was sold for RM 1.18 billion was the land known as Alam Mutiara and Alam Utama and about 2,200 acres in size.
Neither the settlers or the Selangor government had anything to do with the negotiated price which was a private arms-length sale between a willing buyer and a willing seller.
However the role of the Selangor government, when granting consent to the sale, was to impose conditions in order to resolve in one global settlement the predicament of the 1,000 settlers and also the thirty over legal suits pending in court over this Alam Mutiara/Utama land and another piece of 1000 acres ( Alam Perdana ).
Rectifying the injustice
Alam Perdana had been acquired by the state government but the acquisition was still being challenged by the landowners at the Federal Court.

These conditions were as follows. The sale proceeds would be used to pay the compensation owed to the settlers and also to cover all costs of building their homes.
The landowners would also have to settle all the outstanding claims to banks and many other creditors and clear all the charges and caveats on the Alam Mutiara and Utama lands and also the Alam Perdana land which had been acquired by the government.
The substantial claims for further compensation to the landowners from the government for the 1000 acre Alam Perdana acquisition were to be withdrawn.
By doing so, the current Selangor state government succeeded in rectifying the injustice caused by the previous BN government to the 1,000 settlers.
It also succeeded in getting back 1,000 acres of the Alam Perdana land given away by the BN government in 1998 without having to pay any additional compensation.
See-To's questions are false and irrelevant questions. The specific payments made by the landowners from the sale proceeds to their creditor banks and their many other creditors are their private commercial arrangements.
The settlers and the state government have no role in that. The settlers today after 20 years from the broken promises made to them in 1998 have received their full compensation and will receive the keys to their homes by end of next year.
Similar homes to theirs are already being transacted today for about RM 500,000.
We reiterate that the current MACC actions are victimising the very persons who helped facilitate this global resolution.
The MACC should focus on those responsible for the abuses that took place from 1998 onwards when the land taken back from the settlers was given out to private companies by Selangor Umno and BN leaders.
Finally, we thank See-To and his Umno bosses who are suddenly showing a lot of concern for the 1,000 settlers after leaving them in the lurch for 20 years.
How we wish that Umno and BN had shown such sympathy to them in 1998-2000 instead of taking away their land and not delivering the compensation and houses they promised.”
Classic FAKE NEWS by BN Eric See-To - regarding Ijok land deal. Even MACC is groping in the dark as tools for BN.

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