Tuesday, March 6, 2018

'How can yacht be bought using 1MDB funds' unless money was stolen from 1MDB

'How can yacht be bought using 1MDB funds if firm says no money lost?'

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INTERVIEW | How could superyacht, the Equanimity, have been bought with 1MDB funds if the firm hasn't lost any monies, asks Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Razali Ibrahim.
"1MDB says it hasn't lost its funds, so how can people make the accusation that the boat was bought using 1MDB funds," Razali told Malaysiakini during an interview in Muar on Saturday.
The Equanimity was seized in Bali last week by Indonesian police and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
'How can yacht be bought using 1MDB funds' unless money was stolen from 1MDB. That's the only reason. All the so-called 'digital money' -digits or whatever they are called are all CRAP - made up by Arul and his gang. If a REAL Audit is done - no REAL money can be found - ALL RM42 billion are gone. J. Low probably gone a 10% cut = RM4.2 billion with which he bought the superyacht. Otherwise where did he get this money. People  may loan him money for doing biz, but to buy a RM1 billion superyacht - you must be kidding! Think of the crew of 34 persons - how much payroll per month - RM 1/2 - 1 million!
The AG, POLICE and MACC should or must ACT on this!!! They must interrogate him as how he got his superyacht.

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