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Illegal for ROS to give second extension to Umno

Yoursay: Illegal for ROS to give second extension to Umno

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YOURSAY | ‘Umno is so preoccupied with fixing Harapan, it finds itself caught in its own trap.’
Cogito Ergo Sum: What more evidence do Umno members and BN components want to show that Umno president Najib Razak is above even the party’s laws and regulations?
He can suspend and do away with crucial clauses with impunity because Umno members are subservient to a dictator.
As for party secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor’s assertion that the Registrar of Societies (ROS) has granted a further extension, we want to know on what basis did she (director-general Surayati Ibrahim) do it?
You cannot pull out a rabbit from the hat and make it all ‘halal’. The extension granted by the ROS is ultra vires the party’s constitution. Umno is, from April 20, an illegal political party.
Aquinas Says: Indeed, I think it is fair to say that the ROS does not have the power to amend, revise or add anything to the party constitution. If anything, it only has the power to enforce it.
In which case, the ROS ruling (giving Umno a second postponement of the party elections) can be deemed to be ultra vires.
JusticeNow!: However, whatever and whichever angle you want to look at the issue, whether it is the Umno constitution or the power of the ROS under the law, there is no legal basis for Umno not to hold its election.
The retrospective approval by ROS does not hold water because Umno constitution does not allow it and they have not amended their constitution for it to be legal.
ROS cannot grant a permission that has no basis for Umno. The 16 Umno members are very smart to wait for the expiration to file their action.
Pemerhati Bebas: Yes, Umno's own party constitution does not provide for deferment of more than 18 months. It is clear cut. What more is there to discuss?
Anonymous Malaysia2018: Leaders come and go. Today, they are here, tomorrow they are gone. Today, they are all powerful, tomorrow, they are nobodies. All must follow the law for the law is supreme.
And there is only one law for all, friends and foes alike. The ROS must now follow the law, and apply the same law to all and sundry to show impartiality and professionalism.
If the ROS cannot apply the same SOP (standard operating procedure), then the director-general must gracefully step down.
You cannot have one rule for BN, one rule for Pakatan Harapan, one rule for PAS. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.
Fair Play: Such poetic justice. Najib is checkmated by his own party constitution. There is nothing the court can do about it without being seen as partisan.
Call it divine intervention, karma, or pure stupidity for overlooking such a colossal mistake.
ROS director-general Surayati will be well-remembered by all right-thinking Malaysians for doing them such a big “favour” by thinking she has more power than is permitted under the Societies Act.
LoveMalaysia-Ubah!: If Umno is unable to follow the law, how then, as a major component of the ruling coalition, can it govern the country?
The whole country is watching this event unfolds. Whoever the judge is, please do not disappoint the rakyat. Remember your sacred oath.
Clever Voter: Najib should fire Tengku Adnan for this oversight. He should use the famous catch phrase from Laurel and Hardy - “Another fine mess that you got me.”
Why blame the opposition, which has nothing to do with this grave “administrative error”?
Umno is so preoccupied with fixing the opposition, it now finds itself caught in its own trap. The party is not known to respect rule of law. It does it only when it suits them.
Pakcik Am: Tengku Adnan is relying on a provision of the Umno constitution which is itself despicable.
Prohibiting members from seeking relief in court is tantamount to ousting the jurisdiction of the courts. It ought to have been declared invalid long ago.
When the ruling party is not so secure, we must see which way the court leans. Whether they will act in favour of the previous ruling party or whether they will exercise their powers independently.
Fair Play: How can you sack the 16 Umno members when a judicial review has already been filed with the court? As secretary-general, you should know the proper procedure.
The real question is that Umno's existence is in question. Only the court can decide what Umno should and should not do. You should know two wrongs don't make a right.
Anonymous_b3cdcd05: Why is Ku Nan so sore at the 16 as if they are the cause of Umno's alleged illegal status?
After all, they are merely asking the courts to comply with the Umno constitution and the Societies Act that the ROS so gingerly enforced to dissolve Bersatu.
Is it Ku Nan's contention that the ROS is empowered to override the Umno constitution and the Societies Act which she is duty bound to honour?
And what right has he to run down the opposition as “unfit to take care of their own party” when he is the one directly responsible for Umno's predicament that stands condemn as an alleged illegal entity.
Sacking the 16 and standing on his rooftop and screaming that “Umno is not an illegal party” is not going to give Umno legitimacy nor undo his bungle.
Anonymous_1419577444: It never ceases to amaze that these Umno leaders, who are also supposed to be our national leaders, could not help making one bungle after another.
By sacking the 16, the leadership has effectively alienated many, many grassroots Umno members.
These 16 members have not done anything wrong. They raise very fundamental and important questions on behalf of grassroots members.

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