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Sarawak Report - Fake News Alert! - More From The Najib Repeat Denials Factory

Sarawak Report

Fake News Alert! - More From The Najib Repeat Denials Factory

1 April 2018

SRC International Sdn Bhd says the RM4 billion borrowed from the Retirement Fund (KWAP) is accounted for in its balance sheet, in accordance with the standard accounting and governance practices.
“None of it was misappropriated as claimed by those with malicious intent,” it said in a statement rebutting a media report that claimed that the funds had been misappropriated.
“We strongly reject these allegations. Having conducted an internal investigation, we believe these claims were based on documents that were fabricated, therefore representing a deliberate attempt to mislead the public.”
To recap, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is still investigating SRC over the RM4 billion fund. It had said recently that the case could be completed before the end of the year…..
In the interests of full disclosure, SRC is asking the Attorney-General’s Chambers to conduct a full investigation into these claims and the alleged charge sheet published by Sarawak Report, which is currently banned in Malaysia, and fund flows diagrams published by an online media.
“We ask that the parties responsible for these fabrications be identified, given that their authenticity was denied by the MACC on August 3.”
These false allegations represent a serious attack on SRC, which resulted in negative financial and reputational repercussions for its business, it said.
Source: Fake News Alert! - More From The Najib Repeat Denials Factory, Bernama


Perhaps the Attorney General will repeat his previous unsucessful attempts to persuade INTERPOL to issue a terror alert internation arrest red notice against Sarawak Report  for having suggested that Najib stole this money from SRC?
It was, of course, the Attorney General who waved the offending money trails in front of snapping cameras as he exhibited the MACC investigation papers into SRC. The trails showed the money pouring into Najib’s own accounts at AmBank.
BSI Bank has closed down following  Singapore court cases into SRC accounts amongst other 1MDB related scams and in November 2011 USD170 million wss funnelled out of SRC, through Julius Baer Hong Kong and then back into Najib’s private AmBank account in KL.  The Swiss have referred also to the missing SRC billions.
It would help if SRC and its ducking and diving Chief Executive Nik Faisal Arif Kamil would produce an Annual Report of some kind, however it gave up on such formalities in 2012.
So, who is producing the Fake News over SRC, Najib and his hirelings or the rest of the world?  Put another way, who has the motive to lie and who has been producing the facts?

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