Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Jamal should be in jail and not running for elections

Jamal now offers himself as Anwar’s running mate in Umno polls

The Sungai Besar Umno division chief says the PKR de facto leader should contest the presidency while he will go for the Umno Youth chief post.
Sungai Besar Umno division chief Jamal Yunos says he is offering himself to lead the party’s Youth wing as the party is facing a challenging period. (Youtube screengrab)
PETALING JAYA: Fugitive Umno leader Jamal Yunos has suggested that PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim contest the presidency of Umno in the party’s upcoming election.
The Sungai Besar Umno division chief said in a video released today that he wanted Anwar, who was Umno deputy president and deputy prime minister from 1993 to 1998, to return to his old party and vie for the top post.
He said this in confirming his own intention to go for the Umno Youth chief’s post in the polls scheduled to be held on June 30.
He also said Ahmad Zahid Hamidi should run for deputy president.
“I suggest for the upcoming election that Anwar run as Umno president and Zahid, who is now acting president, contest the deputy president’s post,” he said.
For the three vice-presidents’ posts, his dream team comprised Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin, incumbent vice-president Hishammuddin Hussein and one other candidate.
Hishammuddin had announced last week that he would stay away from contesting any central leadership position during the polls.
Jamal said he was offering himself as Umno Youth chief to help the party which was facing a challenging period.
He said he would revive Umno Youth’s strength in the country by ensuring the wing would be principled and well-respected.
He was speaking against the backdrop of a large chart which featured photos of the leaders he had proposed and the party posts he wanted them to hold.
Jamal had first declared his intention to contest in the party polls on June 3.
The police had issued a warrant of arrest against him after he vanished from the Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital, where he was receiving treatment for back pain, a few hours after he was charged there before a magistrate on May 25.
He had pleaded not guilty to three charges and was allowed bail of RM3,000 for each of the offences.
On June 8, his lawyer Imran Tamrin said he was unable to contact his client as his phone was still unreachable.
Imran said Jamal, who is speculated to have escaped to Indonesia, was not contactable even by his family members.

Jamal should be in jail and not running for elections. WHY HAVE THE POLICE BEEN UNABLE TO ARREST HIM. A coward hiding and running for office - Truly a NEW ONE that only can from Umno.

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