Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Deep State and the powerful Illuminati cannot be put down


THIS A KEY MOMENT IN WORLD HISTORY: Deep State in Total Panic & Fully Exposed

Former CIA Director John Brennan and others are “threatening the killing of Donald Trump” when they accuse him of treason, so says our friend Harley Schlanger, “and I think this is a key moment in world history where Americans have to get behind their President and defend him from these people who are trying to pull a regime change in Washington.”


Tony Podesta Arrested: Arrest Warrants Issued for Hillary Clinton & John Podesta

Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta is in police custody after being arrested last night, with arrest warrants also issued for Hillary Clinton and John Podesta, who are "turning themselves in" on Monday morning.
In a shocking turn of events, three key Democrats have been indicted, yet there's a total mainstream media blackout. Arrests records confirm that 74-year-old Anthony, founder of the Podesta Group, brother of John Podesta, and a major player in the Pizzagate scandal, was arrested last night.
Deep State and the powerful Illuminati cannot be put down After all most of them are doing the elites' bidding. It would take a very powerful force to deal with them. President Trump himself is part of the Illuminati - a Jesuit (taught and trained by Jesuits). How come people think that he is the savior of the USA. He is just there to control the runaway Deep State and Leftist crowd, and himself is a DISTRACTION.

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