Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ku Li is the hero

Today, Ku Li is a hero. However, 23 years ago, he was a pariah. But what he said 23 years ago is what he is still saying today. Hmm….the Malaysian mind, in particular the Chinese mind, is most difficult to comprehend.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
However, Ku Li continued: “Let me make it clear, these developments (the decrease of the number of Malays holding key positions in the corporate sector) are not related to racial issues or the special rights of Malays being ignored.”
He pointed out that Malays should not blame others for monopolising economic wealth as they have been given numerous opportunities. The problem actually lies in the lack of necessary knowledge among Malays and thus, they are unable to succeed in the highly competitive business environment.
If they still refuse to make progress and instead continue to rely on the government, then they are bound to be drowned in the wave of globalisation.
Concisely, he raised the key issues while hitting the vital point of Perkasa.
Ku Li also did not forget to give Perkasa his advice: Perkasa should take a good look at itself and ask why it has been mocked and ignored even by the Malay community, whose rights it professes to struggle for. Perkasa is also perceived by many as the cause of splits between the various ethnic communities in the country.
Lastly, he advised Perkasa members to think carefully the rationale and purpose of the party’s existence. They must not act recklessly based on emotions but in accordance with reasons and common sense.
I’m feeling sorry for not being there to see how Perkasa members reacted to the speech, particularly Ibrahim Ali, who might ask himself: “Am I mad? Why did I invite Ku Li to officiate the general assembly?”
Honestly, I don’t think Perkasa members would think more openly, or have their standards improved after listening to Ku Li’s speech.
However, I could imagine how they felt when their fantasy was actually exposed, and I really enjoyed it. The dramatic effects when Ku Li met Ibrahim Ali were even greater than those when Harry met Sally.
Ku Li, thank you for expressing the true feelings of many Malaysians. It was really the best speech of the year, as well as a special Christmas and New Year gift.

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