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Anwar deceit for MB Khalid

Actually, there is another reason for the Kajang Move, which PKR is not telling us. After GE13 in May 2013, PKR wanted Azmin Ali to be the Menteri Besar but both PAS and DAP said no. So they had no choice but to reluctantly propose Khalid and then started planning how to get rid of him.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
I remember back in 2000 when I was summoned for an audience before ‘The Elders’ of the Selangor Royal Family soon after my release from detention. They were basically upset that I had been detained for what they said was my support for Anwar Ibrahim.
They wanted to know why I was so stupid in supporting Anwar when he collaborated with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Tun Ghafar Baba in slandering the Rulers 15 years or so before that back in the mid-1980s.
“Anwar, like Mahathir and Ghafar, is a Republican and he wants to abolish the Monarchy and turn Malaysia into a Republic,” said The Elders. “He is the enemy and you were extremely critical of Anwar back then and now you support him and get detained without trial.”
I then explained to The Elders of the Selangor Royal Family that I do not support Anwar. In fact, soon after Anwar toppled Ghafar I had already distanced myself from him because I did not like the way Anwar spent RM200 million (money that Vincent Tan gave him) to buy his nominations that resulted in Ghafar withdrawing from the race to give Anwar a walkover.
I am not in support of Anwar, I reiterated. I am opposed to how they got rid of him. Anwar was ousted based on allegations but without any tangible evidence. And his real crime is not for abuse of power (his first trial where he was convicted and jailed) or for sodomy (his second trial where he was also convicted and later acquitted after an additional one year in jail).
Hence I am opposed to Anwar being sent to jail. And the reason he was sent to jail is because he tried to oust Dr Mahathir. In fact, I followed Anwar’s trial (I was in court every day and reported the daily events of the trial in the Free Anwar Campaign website) so I know it was all based on allegations and not on evidence.
There was no smoking gun, I argued. So, based on principle, Anwar should not have been convicted.
I was proven right four years later in September 2004 when the Federal Court agreed with what I said and acquitted Anwar. And the reason they acquitted Anwar, said the Federal Court, is because the Prosecution failed to prove its case against him although, said the Federal Court, it believes Anwar is guilty.
So what the Federal Court said is: it believes Anwar is guilty but the Prosecution could not prove it. Hence the Federal Court has no choice but to free him.
And that same principle, which was used for Anwar, is the principle we are using for Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim. And this is what the PAS central committee member, Nasrudin Hassan, meant in that news item above: there is no smoking gun. And he, too, cited Anwar’s case in his call for his party, PAS, to defend Khalid.
Initially they denied that the Kajang Move was meant to oust Khalid. Now they admit that it was and reveal that the plan was actually mooted just after the May 2013 general election.
Furthermore, now they reveal that there is a dossier on Khalid just like they revealed that there is a dossier on Anwar back in 1998. Just as we can argue that the dossier on Anwar was mere allegations, innuendoes and suspicions, so is the dossier on Khalid. There is no evidence whatsoever of wrongdoing, corruption, abuse of power, etc. It is all mere suspicions.
But there is more to the Kajang Move then we are being told. Almost all the issues — the water issue, the Bank Islam issue, the Tropicana issue, the Eco World issue — are listed as the reasons for the Kajang Move. But all this happened this year, after the launch of the Kajang Move and after it was mooted in 2013. So how can Kajang Move be about these?
Actually, there is another reason for the Kajang Move, which PKR is not telling us. After GE13 in May 2013, PKR wanted Azmin Ali to be the Menteri Besar but both PAS and DAP said no. So they had no choice but to reluctantly propose Khalid and then started planning how to get rid of him.
The plan, which was hush-hush and which PAS and DAP were not told about (and neither were the other PKR leaders, Azmin included) was for Anwar to replace Khalid as Menteri Besar.
Azmin Ali, however, found out. So before the Kajang Move could be launched, Azmin engineered his own removal from PKNS. His removal had nothing to do with the EXCO or Khalid. In fact, they were all surprised that the General Manager signed the letter for Azmin’s removal whereas he did not have the authority to do so.
Azmin then played the innocent victim and his followers started to ask for Khalid’s removal although it was not Khalid who removed him (Azmin) from PKNS. Then the Selcat meeting was convened to discuss Azmin’s removal and after that the Selangor State Assembly discussed the matter and insisted on his reinstatement.
It was after the PKNS controversy that the Kajang Move was launched, supposedly to restore peace in Selangor with Anwar taking over as Menteri Besar so that neither Khalid nor Azmin can have that job.
Of course, there is also the RM50 million ‘donation’ from a businessman to the party to get them to force Khalid to reverse his decision on a certain business deal. When Khalid refused to play ball this convinced Anwar even more that Khalid had to go.
So the dossier has nothing to do with it.
Anyway, Khalid is calling their bluff and today he sent two letters, one to PKR’s Disciplinary Board responding to the party’s show cause letter and another to the MACC asking them to investigate the allegations against him.
You can read the full contents of the letters in the links below, which are in Bahasa Malaysia, and if you can’t read Bahasa Malaysia, well….
Let us see what happens from hereon but the long and short of it is Khalid has accepted the noonday gunfight duel at O.K. Corral. This Selangor MB Crisis is getting most interesting by the minute.
Now its seems that Anwar is prepared to lose Selangor to BN in Snap elections just to rid Khalid.
All for his own agenda - divert state funds to his personal use.
Lost Perak not too long ago, now Selangor's turn.
We voters are not amused nor patient with all this.
PKR do not have the RIGHT to name a MB, since they had the least Aduns in the state assembly.
DAP should STOP supporting PKR in their bid to oust Khalid.
We should SUPPORT Khalid now!
Anyone from PKR who become MB will do harm than good!
Anwar should not be the Opposition Leader anymore as he has shown his unfavourable character!

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