I am a Selangorian. And I will not have Azmin Ali as my MB

Posted on August 4, 2014

Malaysiakini reports today that the PKR political bureau met at its headquarters last night.
As expected, the matter of Khalid and his refusal to make way for a new MB came up for discussion.
Malaysiakini, quoting a source from within PKR, reports that the party may put forth a second name, as alternative to Wan Azizah, to replace Khalid, with a view to placating some of the members within the party and, I am guessing, some leaders in PAS.
The second name they propose : Azmin Ali.
I will be short and sweet on this.
I will not accept Azmin Ali as my MB.
I totally agree with Haris, Azmin will not be a good MB.
His greedy chubby fingers will grab the RM3 billion and leave the state poorer than during Umno days!
People like that should just do their own business and not be a MB and  mind state or taxpayers funds!