Tuesday, April 14, 2015

'Prodigal government, rakyat pays GST'

'Prodigal government, rakyat pays GST'
GSTA straw poll among 50 members of the public in KL said that Deputy Finance Minister, Ahmad Maslan should step down immediately for saying that the Goods & Services Tax (GST) affects only the rich because it is truly a stupid statement as GST affects everyone, more so the poor than the rich.
These interviewees also asked Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak to step down for burdening the rakyat with the GST.
"The PM is inefficient and clueless about the plight of the ordinary rakyat so he should step down now and the same goes for Ahmad Maslan," said a taxi driver adding that the PM who is also the Finance Minister ought to know better than to burden the public especially the low-wage earners with GST.
A storekeeper complained that it was the government's spendthrift ways that brought about the GST and therefore the PM must step down due to being too spendthrift.
All the fifty persons agreed that the GST is the government's method to refill the nation's coffers with all of them saying that the PM must be taken to task for irresponsible spending and being the cause of the low-wage earners' financial woes.
The respondents also share the same view that the PM only has support from the BN members but certainly not the majority of the rakyat who are ill-disposed towards him now due to the GST.
There is definitely more people urging him to step down immediately since April 1, 2015.
"The PM and his entire cabinet must be dreaming if they think that the rakyat still favour them," said a law firm clerk while a fruit-seller said that they must be out of their mind for saying that the rakyat is still supporting them at a time like this.
"I am very fed-up of the GST and the government for bulldozing through policies that are unfriendly to the rakyat," said a delivery van driver who opined that we the citizens are always being bullied by the government who always take the rakyat for granted.
True, GST burdens the poor much, much more than the rich, but why does the ruling party cares - they are already getting rich through unethical means, paying the Umno divisional chiefs RM50K - 100K, whose money are they being paid with? - 1MDB, PETRONAS, etc, that's now we have GST to recover back lost revenue, also for other cronies with projects with heavily inflated costs just to get them to support Najib for Umno presidency! 

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