Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dumb Amos Yee reaches out for help

Amos Yee reaches out for help

The teenage Singapore dissident is currently living on his last RM190
and needs help for his court cases.
PETALING JAYA: Embattled Singaporean teenager Amos Yee has
turned to the Internet for help with the court cases he is facing as a
result of several controversial postings in which he attacked the
deceased founding father of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew.
The Singaporean government has charged Amos with intending to
promote ill will amongst religious groups through his unflattering
remarks on the nature of Jesus Christ or Isa ibn Maryam. He is also
charged with intending to create material that distresses the community.
A third charge accuses him of circulating obscene images.
Amos’ crime, distilled down to its essence, is the foolhardy bravery of
daring to criticise Lee and his methods of governance.
He is now out on bail and says he is in dire need of financial aid as his
parents are unable to come up with the court fees and other costs pertinent
to a court case. He apparently does not need to pay lawyers’ fees. Several
lawyers have agreed to defend him pro bono.
Amos says in a blog post that he is currently living on his last S$70
(RM190.94 ringgit at the time of writing) and the charity of supporters.
This young dumb ass guy should be slapped n kicked for insulting 
others' religions. What right has he to do so. Speaking with such a 
Western slang - not even a home born person. Why should we support 
him for his gross stupidity, ignorance n arrogance. Insulting LKY for 
what he has done for his nation (noting LKY's earlier human rights 
abuses) - this guy should be born in Malaysia n enjoy what we face - 
race-based politics, human rights abuses, Malay superiority groups, 
corruption, state-controlled police force, MACC, crime explosion, etc... 

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