Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Three Ugandan sex slaves rescued in Malaysia

Three Ugandan sex slaves rescued in Malaysia

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htraffThe Uganda High Commission rescued three Ugandan girls who were recruited as sex slaves in Malaysia, according to a diplomatic note to country’s foreign affairs ministry.
New Vision reports that the three girls—Nasunna, Tebazaala and Nakuya (other names withheld)—were subjected to brutal physical and mental abuse, but have been rescued and sent home aboard on Ethiopian Airways flight.
They are scheduled to return to Uganda on Tuesday.
“The three ladies have experienced the most inhuman forms of mental and physical torture. We request that they are contacted by a social worker for counselling,” said High Commission First Secretary Samantha Mbabazi Sherurah.
High Commissioner Stephen Mubiru as saying that many Ugandan women and men are victims of human trafficking in Malaysia and China, as well as in other Asian and Middle Eastern countries.
Mubiru added that Uganda is working with Malaysian security forces to “track more victims of the abhorrent trade.”
The newspaper also reports that there at least 20 more Ugandan sex slaves in Kuala Lumpur who are in hiding, fearing a witch-hunt by their recruiters or being arrested by Malaysian authorities.
There are also Ugandan victims who have been picked up and jailed by Malaysian authorities over other crimes.
Moses Binoga, coordinator of the Anti-Human Trafficking Task-Force at the Internal Affairs Ministry, said cases of Ugandan women being forced into the sex industry after being promised jobs in Asian and Middle Eastern countries are on the rise.
“I receive about five reports every week, mostly from the Middle East. But only half the victims are assisted to return home,” he told New Vision.
Binoga added that many of those who sought employment abroad through personal contacts—instead of recruitment agencies registered to the government—have fallen victim to the sex industry.
Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson Fred Opolot added that many cases of abuse against Ugandans in Malaysia had been brought to the attention of the ministry.
“Apart from boosting government, business and student relations, [the] establishment of the embassy in Malaysia was partly aimed at responding to an increase in such cases,” Opolot said.
Malaysia was downgraded to Tier 3 of the US Department of State Trafficking in Persons Report last year for not complying with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking.
The downgrade was actually put off because Malaysia was granted waivers in the 2012 and 2013 reports, because it promised it would comply these minimum standards. However, the ability to impose waivers ran out in 2014.
Ambassador Mubiru appealed to any Ugandan victim of the thriving human trafficking and sex slavery in Malaysia or witnesses to approach the mission for help.
In its first major sting involving Ugandan sex slaves in 2011, Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) rescued 21 Ugandan women from forced prostitution.
The 21 women, aged 19 to 42, were lured to Malaysia by unscrupulous recruitment agents with promises of jobs as maids in homes and hotel, but were forced into prostitution to pay off the US$7,000 travel fees. 
Why is this happening in such a Islamic religious country like Malaysia? Where is Jakim, and other state religious groups and enforcement agencies? Shouldn't they do their duty and get the police and immigration authorities to end all this and clear Malaysia from all these vile and wicked activities. Malaysia is be well-known as a base for human trafficking and forced prostitution. Malaysia Bolehland!  

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