Friday, June 12, 2015

11MP geared towards enriching the rich, so they can control the NATION one day!

11MP geared towards enriching the rich, says Ariff Sabri

 | June 12, 2015
The Raub MP alleges that Pemandu changed the original plan prepared by EPU.
PETALING JAYA: The 11th Malaysia Plan recently presented in Parliament is not
the one prepared by researchers at the Economic Planning Unit (EPU), Raub MP
Ariff Sabri alleges in his latest blog entry.
“According to information given to me, it was changed by Pemandu,” he says,
using the acronym for the Performance Management Delivery Unit of the Prime
Minister’s Department.
The result, he says, is a plan that tends towards strengthening the interests of “
T20″ – his reference to the top 20% in the hierarchy of wealth ownership in the
“The 11MP that we have is something like Tattler magazine,” he says. “It will be
just a topic of conversation among the chattering class or the smoked-salmon crowd.”
Ariff notes that most of the discussions around 11MP skirt the issue of the
advantages it gives to T20 and centres on what it would do for “B40″, ie, the bottom
40% in the wealth hierarchy.
He says those in the T20 group got to where they are mainly through rent-seeking,
which, according to him, is one of three things the country’s leaders must address
if they are honest and serious about “resetting or rebooting” the economy. The other
two things they must do are to “honour the principle of responsibility towards the
rakyat” and to rid themselves of their obsession with “trickledown economics.”
Ariff acknowledges that economic outcomes in a market economy are determined
by market forces. However, he adds, market powers can be determined by political
interests. In Malaysia, unfortunately, political power is in the hands of “people like
Najib and his gang,” he says.
“The reality is that the government we have today is a government of a horde of
thieves. As long as they have power, they will keep plundering – under the table,
on the table, and they’ll take all the tables as well.”
He says it is the pro-T20 group that holds political power in Malaysia. “It is led by
a Bugis warrior who acts bold in front of a rented crowd but is too afraid to go into
the arena of battle. This is the kind of leader who is pro-feudal, who supports the
political and economic nobility. How can we expect him to give priority to the B40
group in planning the national economic policy?”
He says Umno leaders have had 45 years since the introduction of affirmative
action to prove that they had the interest of the Malays at heart, and they have
failed. All they have succeeded in doing is to create a “political and economic
aristocracy,” he adds.
11MP geared towards enriching the rich - not surprising as one day the elite 
may hold the country for ransom especially when the nation goes bankrupt. 
They can then control the administration and economy and military of the 
nation with their ill-gotten gains!!!

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