Friday, June 12, 2015

Isma, Perkasa run by madmen

Isma, Perkasa run by madmen, says Ramasamy

 | June 12, 2015
Penang DCM is shocked beyond belief that Isma has come to the conclusion that
DAP is run by Christians evangelists based on two books its veep read.
PETALING JAYA: Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy has lashed out
at NGOs Isma and Perkasa, describing both as fringe groups run by madmen.
He made this caustic comment after Isma alleged that Ramasamy’s party DAP,
was controlled by a group of Christian evangelists.
In lashing out at Isma’s shallow-mindedness, Ramasamy said any statement
churned out by Isma was an insult to one’s intelligence and responding to it
was a waste of time.
Conceding that his party had its fair share of shortcomings, Ramasamy pointed
out all the same that DAP opened its doors to all and sundry, regardless of race
or religion.
“Malaysians of all religions and races can be members of DAP and we have
been struggling for the larger good of Malaysians,” he said, remarking that
this was in stark contrast to Isma and Perkasa that were “bigoted and racist
He added that “Perkasa was mostly about ethnicity, and Isma, about religion”.
Ramasamy also expressed disbelief that Isma’s vice-president Abdul Rahman
Mat Dali had come to the conclusion that DAP was promoting a certain brand
of Christianity in Penang based on two books he read.
“What two nonsensical books are these? You can read any book but how does
one draw conclusions that DAP is pushing for a Christian state?,” Ramasamy
asked when reacting to a statement by the NGO alleging that DAP’s actions in
Penang were consistent with those of Iain Buchanan’s in the books “The armies
of god and Sang Nila Utama”.
These allegations by Isma was a way to gain notoriety as “these are all fringe
groups run by madmen, the very survival of which depends on making extreme
racist statements,” Ramasamy shot back.
“If you are a responsible political party or organisation, then you must also make
responsible statements that promote peace and understanding among Malaysians.
“Maybe they should consider changing their name to “WAS-MA” not ISMA,”
Ramasamy said in a mocking tone.
Well said Ramasamy, couldn't agree more with you.

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