YOURSAY ‘We simple folks don't really care who forges what.’

Video, email claim S'wak Report forged docs
Odin Tajué: BN strategic communications director Abdul Rahman Dahlan, many Malaysiakini readers who are Malayans have often said that East Malaysians are not too bright.

The problem is that it is East Malaysians like you who have proved them right. You are obviously not a very bright person. Here is a very simple reason to show why you are so.

The Sarawak Report has published numerous pieces which were damning. It has either named individuals or implied who those individuals were.

If you are certain that Sarawak Report has published materials that it has falsified, then the most obvious action you must take is to take it to court for defamation or whatever is appropriate.

In fact, it has issued a challenge twice to any party who disagreed with its reports to sue it. Instead of filing police reports claiming that Sarawak Report has falsified or fabricated documents and then published same, take it to court - because you would have, at some point in time in the future, to produce the original versions of the particular documents.

The best thing to do, really, is to sue Sarawak Report. That way, if it is indeed guilty of your allegations, it will be made to pay heavily for its misdemeanour, and, you might want to fondly hope, to prevent it from committing similar action in future.

However, do make sure you engage lawyers who understand reasonably simple English and can write English reasonably well. Now go for it, man!

Saphire: Whether the report is faked or genuine is irrelevant. What is important is whether the heist of billions of ringgit has actually taken place.

Just as important is whether a sum of RM2 million is deposited into a certain VIP's account.

Kim Quek: Minister Abdul Rahman has just reduced himself into clown.

Interpol would laugh its head off when it receives the request from a minister of a sovereign country asking it to probe such a cheap political gimmick obviously designed to rescue his scandal-ridden prime minister from an impending fall.

Haven’t the Umno leadership humiliated the country enough with headline-hogging scandals one after another making their rounds in overseas media?

Justice Pao: Abdul Rahman, what is so difficult for Najib to refute what was published by showing that there was no US$700 million deposited into his personal accounts instead of trying to say that the documents were forged?

It is very obvious that there are too many skeletons to hide - that is why Najib is getting morons like you to defend him.

Wira: Indeed, Abdul Rahman, if the bank accounts and the money deposited were fake, please ask your boss and his wife to just deny them. No need to obfuscate the issue.

Anticonmen: Why would Rewcastle send a ridiculous self-confessing email like that when there is no need to forge actual documents and emails that have allegedly revealed looting?

The minister is getting really desperate. Simply verify the authenticity of the emails from Jho Low to the bank revealed bySarawak Report and establish the connection to the bank account statements of Najib and the authenticity of the accounts.

The timing coincides. The US$700 million banked into AmBank is likely to be the same money taken by Jho Low from Petrosaudi International.

Lukesky: I think commentators here should be a bit more understanding and stop complaining about the time lag factor here.

One has to appreciate that it took them time to script, cast and produce this piece of fiction of some global foreign conspiracy, and then they had to plan how and when to release it.

So people, give them a bit of credit for their efforts to clear their bosses’ name however misplaced it may be.

RKR: Nice try, Rahman. But we came to know that Lester Melanyi never wrote a single report for Sarawak Report.

It's another hoax to save your boss. It won't work. Ask Najib to explain how the US$700 million went into his account and where it went to.

Anonymous 759201436321741: I am rather bemused by Abdul Rahman's posturing. I only believe it if our mighty IGP (inspector-general of police) gets confirmation from Interpol that action would be taken.

Until then, just watch the next episode of the ‘wayang kulit’ (shadow play).

RSOH: I almost feel sorry for Abdul Rahman. Almost...

Third World: We simple folks don't really care who forges what. We have only two simple questions for the PM to answer.

1) What exactly are those paper assets or units which 1MDB have "invested" in and what are their current value?

2) Was almost US$700 million banked into the PM's accounts in AmBank in 2013? What were the sources of this money and since the accounts are closed where the money is now?

Just answer these questions. There is no need for Abdul Rahman to put on a side show.

Forget the 'forging' issue, where's the RM2.6b? Yes, where is the , MONEY, MONEY!!!