Monday, July 20, 2015



(Bernama) – Malaysian Opposition leaders who collude with outsiders to topple the prime minister are traitors to the country.
This was the opinion of Sabah State Assembly Speaker and Sabah Umno Liaison deputy chief Salleh Said Keruak.
“It is obvious that Opposition leaders are willing to do anything including smearing the image of the country and its leaders to achieve their own agenda.
“They should respect the democratic process practised in the country where it is the people who determine who their leaders should be,” he told Bernama today.
He was commenting on the disclosure by Thai police that Opposition leaders from Malaysia had met Swiss Xavier Andre Justo, a former executive of PetroSaudi International Ltd (PetroSaudi), in Singapore allegedly to buy documents purportedly linked to 1MDB from him.
Salleh urged the police to expedite investigations and bring the culprits to book regardless of their position.
Those who rob, plunder and pillage the Malaysian govt. and cause racial problems in are the REAL TRAITORS TO MALAYSIA. I wonder how much Salleh is paid monthly to support/defend Najib, like the Umno divisional chiefs - RM50K - 100K???

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