Asean a toothless bloc

Asean a toothless bloc, says Klang MP

 | September 28, 2015
Charles Santiago slams the regional organisation for failure to solve the haze problem.

charles-santiago-aseanPETALING JAYA: Klang MP Charles Santiago has denounced Asean as “toothless” for its failure to solve the haze problem plaguing Malaysians and Singaporeans.
“This is a severe environmental and health crisis and Asean is unable to address the issue, but merely paying lip service,” he said in an interview with FMT. “It’s proving to be a toothless regional bloc.”
He said the Asean Haze Transboundary declaration had not been effective in curbing forest fires in Indonesia.
“It has become a health, environmental and economic problem in Singapore and Malaysia,” he added.
Santiago said he was also not satisfied with the way the Malaysian government was releasing Air Pollution Index (API) information, saying the index should be announced on an hourly basis, like in Singapore, and the measurement should be against PM2.5 instead of PM10.
“PM2.5 particles could have severe health consequences, including cancer,” he said. “Children and the elderly are especially affected.”
He said the public should demand that the government pay their bills for treatment of ailments caused by the haze.
He also said he agreed with Singapore’s move to file a suit against the government of Indonesia and called on Putrajaya to follow in the republic’s footsteps.
“Yes, legal action should be taken against companies and governments who are complicit in the haze nightmare,” he said.
Asean is a failure - if a member state cannot even prevent health damaging haze or rather SMOG from causing such health and economic sufferings to neighbouring countries, then better end the ASEAN pact and each nation stand alone!
Indonesia really is nation without standards - since the downfall of Suharto till this day HAZE or SMOG have been our yearly staple  diet - unhealthy one! WHY can't they prosecute these offenders once for ALL, is there corruption? involved. Their Parliament should enact laws that prohibit land clearing by open burning and not only that, that each plantation or owner MUST be responsible for their property - whether any FIRE is started by anyone, THEY must put it out or face SEVERE FINES and prosecution. Then and only then will these irresponsible people understand that THEY have NO RIGHT to harm MILLIONS of HUMAN and even animal health, not to mention the economic LOSSES incurred.
The Indonesian president should now start sacking officials (whether corrupt or inept).   


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