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Najib and family living larger than kings

Raja Bahrin: Najib and family living larger than kings

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A Terengganu prince has lambasted Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and his family for allegedly living larger than even the Malay rulers themselves, pointing to the two-month lease of aprivate jet which was used by the PM's spouse for an estimated RM86 million despite the government owning seven other aircraft.
"At a time when Malaysia faces a serious economic downturn, this is an unforgivable action. The government already owns seven jets, so why the need to lease another jet for RM86 million?" said Raja Bahrin Shah, who is also Kuala Terengganu MP, in a statement.

Just last year in Parliament, Raja Bahrin noted that allocations for poor school children were cut from RM200 million to just under RM10 million.
"But now they can spend RM86 million to lease a jet so the leader who is supposed to care for the rakyat live in the lap of luxury," he said.
The Kuala Terengganu MP stressed that education for Malaysian children, especially the poor should have been a priority. Instead he lamented that those who are to be tomorrow's leaders and administrators are being denied their education and possibly their future, which is their right.
He wondered where is the concern that the Najib government supposedly claim to have for the nation's children.
The prince opined that while we have rulers and kings who are formally installed, there are those who seems to live larger than kings, though not installed.
Raja Bahrin related that even real kings are more circumspect when it comes to spending public funds.
He told of how the late Sultan Ismail of Terengganu who was also the Agong from 1965 to 1970, was careful about the use of public funds for his family members.
Even though the late sultan was close to then prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman, Raja Bahrin said he was careful not to abuse the national funds and facilities for his family and led a modest life.
"Today the wife and children of the prime minister have extraordinary privileges," he added.

Raja Bahrin argued that we never used to hear the wife of Tunku Abdul Rahman called the 'first lady'. Now he lamented that it is the norm for the current PM's wife.
"That is how wide the difference between the leaders of yesterday and today," lamented the prince.
Raja Bahrin also accused Najib of showing disrespect to the Malay rulers when he did not defer the gazetting of the National Security Council Act, despite the Conference of Rulers having sent the bill back for amendments.
Raja Bahrin is spot on - children being deprived of good education just so Najib's wife can continue WASTING tax payers money on jetting IN STYLE. Sooner the Umno administration goes the better for ALL Malaysians. Let all the Malays especial the poorer ones know that their plight is caused by those in power - for their corrupt practices in enriching themselves, their family members, their cronies, and their supporters! May God do to them just as their dedds deserve!!!!

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