Monday, June 13, 2016

PAS will impose the Hudud on ALL Malaysians


June 12, 2016

“If PAS rules Malaysia with Najib, all you Chinese will also be caught, not just the Muslims.”
(Hornbill Unleashed) – PAS will go after non-Muslims over religious offences if it ever achieves power, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim claimed today in a bid to dissuade voters from backing the Islamist party.
The former de facto law minister also said that PAS — which is aiming to implement hudud in Kelantan — has no objective other than to introduce and enforce Islamic laws.
“PAS has no struggle. They just want to catch women. If women wear tight clothing, they catch.
“If they rule Malaysia with Najib, all you Chinese will also be caught, not just the Muslims,” he told the audience during his speech today in Sekinchan.
Zaid went on to jest that PAS as the ruling party would curb his appreciation for the female form.
“It will start with the Malays. Once they (PAS) rule Putrajaya, amoi-amoi (Chinese ladies) will also be caught. Pity me. I like pretty women,” he joked.
He did not explain why non-Muslims would be subject to Islamic laws under PAS.
The former Umno and PKR man also urged the Malay community not to support PAS as it would split the opposition vote to Barisan Nasional’s advantage.
“For the Malay voters, no point in voting for PAS. It is a waste of time, PAS will surely lose,” Zaid said, before adding that he was backing Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) candidate in Sungai Besar.
Debate is currently ongoing over Islamic penal law in Malaysia after PAS’s so-called hudud Bill made it onto the floor of Parliament for the first time last month.
On May 26, Minister in Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said tabled a motion that raised the so-called hudud Bill from the bottom of the Dewan Rakyat’s agenda to the top, catching many MPs by surprise, including her Cabinet colleagues.
PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang later asked for the Bill to be deferred to the lower House’s next meeting in October.
PAS and Umno leaders have defended Hadi’s proposal as simply a bid to strengthen the Shariah courts’ punitive powers; they are currently restricted from imposing sentences beyond a three-year jail term, RM5,000 fine and six lashes of the whip on Muslim offenders.
Critics, including from BN’s non-Muslim component parties, assert that Hadi’s Bill is an attempt to introduce hudud in Malaysia via the backdoor.
Related incident to Syariah law:

Qatar convicts Dutch woman held 'after being raped'

Doha skylineImage copyrightAFP
Image captionSexual acts by non-married people are punishable under Qatar's penal code
A court in Qatar has handed a suspended sentence to a Dutch woman charged with having sex outside marriage after she told police she had been raped.
The 22-year-old was also fined $824 (£580) and will be deported.
The woman's lawyer said her drink was spiked at a Doha hotel in March and that she woke up in a stranger's flat, where she realised she had been raped.
Her alleged attacker, who said the sex was consensual, was sentenced to 100 lashes for having sex outside marriage.
He will be given a further 40 lashes for consuming alcohol.
The woman has been detained since making the allegation three months ago, but her case only came to light over the weekend when her family decided to go public in Dutch media.
Zaid is correct -that PAS will impose the Hudud on ALL not just Chinese but all Malaysians. There is no such thing as Hudud law for Muslims only as can be seen in all nations implementing this type of law!.
We can see in the 2nd news that the Dutch woman who was raped was also subjected to punishment (is this a fair and just society). They have done this to her to protect their Islamic order - seems that it is better to be raped and not report than report and be unjustly punished as well!. Now we know why little sex crimes are reported in Islamic Hudud law implemented countries - because those sexually assaulted dare not report it t!! So the Islamic authorities can claim Hudud law prevent crimes! The trouble is that most of the time the Hudud law do not apply to those in power as can be seen in Saudi Arabia where the Shiekhs rape foreign women and get away with it..

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