Monday, June 13, 2016

What is in Rsmah 20 or so bags - Malaysian currency? Fleeing?

Kimquek: PM’s wife Rosmah Mansor’s aide Rizal Mansor seems to be scrapping the bottom of the barrel to cook up stories to justify the 20 or so bags that followed Rosmah into the Airbus cabin.
The bags are obviously Rosmah’s as they arrived together with her and were carried up to the cabin by ground officers and workers (some bags were lifted directly from Rosmah’s limousine, indicating that all these bags might not have undergone the compulsory security checks).
It is simply ridiculous to suggest that these travelling bags had to go to Rosmah’s cabin due to the cargo section being filled with Permata performers’ costumes and props as these pre-school kids could have left in another flight, and their tiny costumes could not have been that bulky anyway.
The million-dollar questions still remain: Why were the bags not loaded in the cargo section? Why did Rosmah need to carry so many bags with her for a three-day trip? Were all the bags subject to the usual compulsory security checks? What were inside the bags?
Incidentally, why didn’t Rosmah fly directly to and from Istanbul, instead of a lengthy stop-over in UAE since she justified her use of the chartered luxurious Airbus on ground of being on atight schedule?
Yes, what is in those bags. Malaysian currency? - is she bringing hard cash out of the country to avoid detection by prying eyes of the international community? MONEY LAUNDERING before our eyes!!! OR is Najib preparing to flee the country with the LOOT going before them.

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