Friday, July 8, 2016

Sarawak Report reveals alleged second Bank Negara letter

Sarawak Report reveals alleged second Bank Negara letter

London-based whistleblower site Sarawak Report has made another revelation of what it claims to be another key document in the 1MDB investigations.
This time, it is purportedly a second letter from Bank Negara Malaysia, signed by the deputy governor of the central bank.
"Appended to the auditor-general’s report and pivotal to his findings is a damning letter from the Bank Negara sent to the public accounts committee (PAC)," the article published today states.
The letter is said to be dated March 23 and Sarawak Report pointed out that there was an earlier letter sent from Bank Negara to the PAC on April 6, on which it had previously reported.
The earlier letter, also reported by the Wall Street Journal, allegedly confirmed that controversial entrepreneur Jho Low was the sole owner of Good Star Limited, which had received US$1.03 billion from 1MDB.
The new letter exposed by Sarawak Report today supposedly details concerns from Bank Negara about certain questionable fund transfers.
Malaysiakini cannot independently verify if the document published by Sarawak Report is authentic, nor can it report on the contents due to legal restrictions.
The new revelation comes just one day after Sarawak Report published an expose from what it claimed to be in the auditor-general's report, which the government has classified under the Official Secrets Act (OSA).
The website said it would be publishing more details from the auditor-general’s report in the coming days.
Previously, PAC member Tony Pua had taken the committee's chairperson Hasan Arifin to task for editing out information on Good Star Ltd from the PAC report without the committee's approval.
Pua had also urged Hasan to reveal the letter he supposedly received from Bank Negara to prove that he was not shielding Low.
More exposes to come. When will Najib and gang involved flee the country???

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