Saturday, March 17, 2018

Wee (cry baby) attacking Lim Guan Eng

Who next, Guan Eng? Your uncle, sister, aunty?, asks Wee over tunnel row

MCA deputy president Wee Ka Siong, in a screenshot taken from his latest Facebook Live video, criticising comments by Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and his wife, Betty Chew.
GEORGE TOWN: A defiant MCA deputy president Wee Ka Siong today vowed not to stop his scrutiny of the Penang undersea tunnel and road projects.
He said he was particularly disappointed when Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng used his wife Betty Chew to attack him, along with his father Lim Kit Siang issuing two statements deriding him recently.
“Today, Guan Eng is using his wife Betty Chew to say I am a lunatic to claim the cost of the project was RM20.5 billion when the state had announced it was RM6.3 billion.
“I wonder who he will use next. His uncle, sister, or his aunty?” Wee asked in the latest Facebook Live video on the undersea tunnel project.
Today, in a statement entitled “A coward is better than a political lunatic”, Guan Eng said his wife wondered how Wee arrived at the RM20.5 billion figure when the contracted price was set at RM6.3 billion.
“As a lawyer, she (Chew) stated that once you sign an agreement for the contracted price of RM6.3 billion, there is no way you can legally compel the state government to instead pay RM20.5 billion.
“There is an old Greek saying that ‘Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.’ So, Wee, better to remain a coward. A coward is a better fate than being a political lunatic,” Guan Eng said in the statement that was published by Malaysiakini today.
Kit Siang had also blasted Wee by calling him an “Umno’s catspaw and ninja assassin”.
Ancillary costs
The RM20.5 billion cost cited by Wee is his projected estimate of the entire cost of the undersea tunnel and three roads project, which supposedly includes ancillary costs to “support the project”.
“Officially, the undersea tunnel and roads project costs RM6.3 billion on paper.
“The additional sum projected includes loss of land value appreciation, 30 years’ worth of tolls collected by the concessionaire and other projects, such as ‘super condos’,” Wee said, adding that his calculations are based on “pure facts”.
“I reject being called a political lunatic by Guan Eng. Perhaps he did not view my video or statement correctly.”
In a separate statement today, Wee said the replies by Guan Eng on his call for a debate was “illogical”, as Lim steered clear of the topic and chose to speak about political protocol and remarks to run down MCA.
Lim had turned down Wee’s challenge to debate twice, with Lim saying his opponent should be of same stature as him, that is MCA president Liow Tiong Lai.
Wee also pointed out how surprising it was to him when a group of DAP MPs told a press conference at Parliament that they were not able to comment on the tunnel issue as they “do not have all the facts”.
“To independent observers, these excuses to avoid debate do not make sense and DAP’s continued evasion merely reaffirms that DAP is desperately trying to hide their RM20.5 billion scandal,” he said.
“Instead of coming clean, DAP had chosen a vindictive path by wanting to contest against me in the Ayer Hitam parliamentary seat.”
Wee was referring to DAP’s recent move to put their candidate in Ayer Hitam, after “initially agreeing that this parliament seat would go to Amanah”.
“However, after I started to question the DAP secretary-general’s alleged scandal, it was announced that the seat will now be taken back from Amanah for DAP to contest.
“I am confident that the people in Ayer Hitam can see through DAP’s desperation to hide their scandal and their bitter vindictiveness,” he said.
Wee (cry baby) attacking Lim Guan Eng.  What or who does this person Wee think he is? When Chua So Lek caused him to lose his MCA and ministerial post, he was seen crying like a baby on NATIONAL TV. Goodness one will think - WHO died? Now he is acting like a Hero, from zero to hero by attacking Lim Guan Eng. If MCA have such leaders - we better stay away from them, and not even vote for them.

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