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Sarawalk Report - Shahrizat Feeds A Lot! Has the NFC paid back the money

Sarawak Report

Shahrizat Feeds A Lot!

3 May 2018

Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil today urged former Umno leaders to show gratitude to the party instead of attacking the current crop of leaders.
Without naming anyone, Shahrizat told a BN gathering in Marang, Terengganu, today that the “pensioners” who are now joining forces with the opposition did not have the interest of the party at heart.
“Why are they trying to rob BN of its power and overthrow the government?
Astaghfirullahalhazim. Is the government of today that bad? Is anyone starving to death? Is there anyone without a future? That is the question,” she said.
In recent weeks, Shahrizat’s predecessor Rafidah Aziz has been routinely criticising Umno leader Najib Abdul Razak.
Since Monday, former finance minister Daim Zainuddin has also been participating in Pakatan Harapan ceramah functions, openly urging the public to vote against BN.
Source: Shahrizat Feeds A Lot!


Shahrizat for one is clearly not starving; she plainly feeds lots.
But, it is interesting that she considers lack of starvation to death as a reasonable benchmark for BN to take pride in after six decades with their hands on the tiller (or more accurately, in the till).
Health, a home, education, jobs, human rights are plainly icing on the cake for lowly voters in Shahrizat’s frankly bovine mind.
Even so, the awful truth is that in many places in Malaysia people are in fact starving.  Most particularly in the indigenous regions of Borneo, where people who once lived off the jungle have been left surving on rations after her party has helped plunder from the riches of their lands and made itself rich in the process.
Frequently even these rations have been raided by middlemen.
As Shahrizat steps across from her fancy election platform to her air-conditioned car and then on to her fancy houses, moaning about being “robbed of power”, why should she remember victims like these?
Onn May 9th others ought make sure to remind her – Moooo!

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Shahrizat Feeds A Lot! Has the NFC paid back the money to the govt? What are they witing for?

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