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Who Is Jamal's Donor?

Sarawak Report

Who Is Jamal's Criminal Donor?

1 May 2018

GE14 Sungai Besar BN chief Jamal Md Yunos has promised Sekinchan fisherfolk RM2,000 each if the coalition wins the state seat in the 14th general election.
Speaking to about 800 fisherfolk yesterday, he stood on stage as he announced the “incentive” and urged the audience to stop supporting DAP incumbent Ng Suee Lim, who is seeking a fourth term.
“Give the BN candidate from MCA in Sekinchan a win! Once he wins, ladies and gentlemen, you will be able to redeem RM2,000 from me afterwards…..
‘I’m serious about the cash, I have a donor’
Jamal stressed that he was serious about the RM2,000, and revealed that he had a “donor” backing his efforts.
“I am not lying… once Lee wins in Sekinchan, you can come here and we will hold an event for all, as I have a donor.
Source: Who Is Jamal's Criminal Donor?


No prizes for guessing who Najib’s Red Shirt bully buddy’s ‘donor’ is…… if you thought we meant Najib, of course you are wrong.
The donors are the fishermen themselves!
Najib has stolen billions from them and from the rest of Malaysian taxpayers and he is now handing back a measley RM250 to these poor folk, followed by a promised RM2k should BN win (allegedly).
Most of the stolen money has of course gone to Najib, then people like Jamal to dish out.
It goes without saying that Jamal ought to be reported, arrested and then charged (a job for the opposition) Meanwhile, the fisherfolk should realise that no one is going to be able to prove whom they voted for (without admitting they are criminals) so they should vote for the opposition and then claim the money (if there is any) from BN.

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